Action Cooling & Heating Explains the Different Ways an Air Filter Can Harm Your HVAC

We rely on the air filters in our HVAC units to perform a number of duties around the home. The primary function of the air filter is to remove harmful and irritable air pollutants such as bacteria, dust, and more from the air of your home or business. In addition to removing air pollutants from your breathing air, the air filter also prevents these same particles from affecting your HVAC system.

With a piece as small as the air filter, it’s kind of hard to believe that it can cause a world of problems. However, if not maintained properly, a clogged or unchanged air filter can cause actually be quite unproductive to the efficiency to your HVAC system. Similar to a car needing its oil changed every 2,000-3,000 miles, HVAC air filters need to be changed as well. At Action Cooling & Heating in Fort Meyers, many of the common problems that technicians face are HVAC issues that stem from unchanged air filters.

According to Action Cooling & Heating Fort Meyers, one way in which an unchanged air filter can become harmful to your home is through overworking. Think about the body of an NBA player. When well rested, an NBA player is at the top of his game. He has the endurance and strength necessary to perform as he is expected. But as the season carries on and the same athlete is forced to play consecutive games without rest, their performance starts to diminish. The athlete is being overworked and cannot perform as well as he would with rest. The same goes for your air filter. If your air filter is overworked without being changed out, it will start to overwork your machine and cause it to become less efficient.

Another way that an air filter can harm your HVAC unit is rather unusual and not often considered. Many home and business owners want an HVAC unit that is as efficient as possible. This means they tend to choose units that fall on the higher end of the MERV rating system. Depending on the air filter you choose and how it interacts with your HVAC unit, you may find yourself in a less efficient situation. Choosing a filter that is either under or over optimized for your HVAC unit can lead to an increase in energy bills and possibly damage your HVAC unit as a whole.

It’s important to take care of your HVAC unit and change your air filters often. For more information, be sure to check back with our blog.