Action Cooling & Heating Shares How Air Conditioning Differs Around the World

action cooling and heating fort myersImagine the hottest day that you’ve ever experienced. You probably spent a majority of your time indoors, beating the heat by staying in the air conditioner. Trying to avoid the heat as much as possible, you only ventured outside in short spurts, either to go to the pool or trade one air conditioned building for another. It’s common in South Florida and all across the United States to have our air conditioners at full blast when the temperatures outside are rising. While we may think nothing of it as we are comfortable in our nice cool homes, there are some countries whose air conditioning usage looks very different from ours.

Here, Action Cooling & Heating of Fort Meyers, Florida shares how air conditioning looks across the world.

Guatemala City
Air conditioning in Guatemala City is virtually nonexistent, but for a good reason. Contrary to what many people may think about life in Guatemala City, the city actually keeps a very tempered climate year ‘round. The yearly temperature lingers around 70° F, with nighttime temperatures of about 60°F, making the need for air conditioner practically unnecessary. The homes in Guatemala are built with this in mind, trapping heat as necessary, but also allowing for the proper ventilation of air throughout the home.

Dining outside is a common occurrence in Berlin, Germany during the summer. Air conditioning is not a concept that Berlin gives much thought. In fact, many establishments in the area prefer to air their businesses and homes out by simply cracking open a window, despite how many people may be inside. The general consensus that research has shown is that German’s believe air conditioning is unhealthy, and the spread of bacteria and the cold draft can lead to unnecessary health issues. Instead of installing air conditioners, they simply choose to sweat it out.

While some parts of the world don’t need air conditioning and other parts of the world just don’t care for it, there are those few countries who struggle to find the infrastructure necessary to equip all of their buildings with air conditioning. India is one of those countries. In Bangledash and other parts of the country, millions of people are still without air conditioning, despite its necessity. Temperatures around the country can hit triple digits with ease, putting residents at risk of problems with their health and wellness. Such issues include fatigue, disorientation, sun rashes, and nausea. The Indian government is working to provide adequate air conditioning to its citizens, but the fight is still on to build the proper infrastructure that can support this.


Despite the variation of air conditioning usage throughout the world, it’s interesting to note that some cities would not exist without the advent of air conditioning, few in the United States and most in developing countries around the world. Despite what you may think of air conditioning, At Action Cooling & Heating in Fort Meyers, Florida, we can all agree it’s our favorite thing in the world.