Rest Assured with Our 44 Point Inspection

action cooling and heating fort myers

In order to make sure your home or office is running air smoothly and to keep it maintained, it is important to obtain an inspection and cleaning regularly.  Not only do parts of heating and cooling systems need to be cleaned, but also there are many issues that can arise to impede the flow of air in your home. At Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers Florida, we provide an incredibly thorough 44 Point Inspection of your property’s air handler, ductwork and condenser.  Following the inspection, you will be given a comprehensive report.

Beginning inside, our Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers Florida employee will examine the evaporator.  The serviceperson will check the coil fins for quality and the cooling coil for any issues.  Not only will the evaporator be inspected, but the coil will also be cleaned if accessible.  The employee will next move on to the condensate. The condensate line removes condensation before it can reach the HVAC unit, so it is very important that it stays clean and free of obstructions.  The 44 Point Inspection at Action Cooling and Heating Fort Myers Florida includes checking the condensate drain pan, clearing the drain line and inspecting the overflow safety switches.

Our employee will also place algae tablets in the condensate drain pan.  Next, the serviceperson will disinfect the interior cabinet insulation and coil and make sure the expansion valve and metering device and bulb are functioning properly.  The electric heater will be examined, as well as the blower. The blower is essential for circulating air, and sometimes issues may arise with the motor.

Action Cooling and Heating inspects the blower motor circuit boards, fan relay, capacitor, wheel condition and balance, and the amperage of the motor will be evaluated.  It is always important that a home is up to code, whether simply to keep the home safe or prepare it for selling, and our team will ensure that the fuse system is compatible with NEC codes.  The serviceperson will check the ductwork, thermostat and humidistat.  The return air filter will also be replaced.

Following the inspection, our team at Action Cooling and Heating will move outdoors and check the condenser and compressor.  Included in the examination is an evaluation of the efficiency of the condenser coil fins, condenser unit, and compressor capacitors and relays.  The condenser fan motor will be tested, as well as the electrical connections.  The heat pump and refrigerant line are also included in the inspection.  Our 44 Point Inspection will leave you assured that your heating and cooling system is functioning to the best of its ability, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee expresses our confidence in our work.