Action Cooling and Heating Provides Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System This Summer

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The official start of summer is quickly descending upon us and, while summer certainly means fun and excitement in the sun, the warm weather associated with the season brings stress to some homeowners where their HVAC systems are concerned. Those of us that live in warmer climates may not be able to avoid running our air conditioning, but there are plenty of ways that homeowners can maintain their systems to save energy and money as a result. In this article, Action Cooling and Heating in Fort Myers Florida provide a few simple tips to ensure that maintaining your HVAC is as stress free as possible.

Change the Filter

Action Heating and Cooling in Fort Myers Florida acknowledges that one of the ways to maintain your HVAC over the summer is also the easiest—change your filter. A clean filter for your HVAC can reduce energy usage for as much as 15 percent. It is recommended to change a disposable filter about once a month however, if your system uses a more permanent filter, you should be sure to thoroughly clean it on around the same schedule. Keep in mind that you may need to clean or replace filters more frequently if you smoke or have pets.

Keep Exterior System Clear

An important part of home HVAC maintenance is ensuring that your system is free of debris that could inhibit its function. Action Heating and Colling in Fort Myers Florida recommends checking the area to be sure that there are no plants, branches, or other debris outside your home blocking or touching the air conditioner, being sure to clear items away if they are. Protecting your exterior system can be preventative as well, and homeowners can protect it by avoiding growing plants and shrubs too close by. Year round, it is a good practice to check your system as accumulation during autumn and growth during the spring can cause a lot of excess material to collect within the unit.

Add a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are great for homeowners because they allow for more efficiency when cooling your home. Not only can you program your temperature easily, allowing you to set your thermostat to a comfortable level while you are at home and warmer when you are absent, but many programs included with smart thermostats can also communicate ways to lower your monthly bill. Smart thermostats can also function to keep your air conditioning system from working too hard during the summer months, which could cause strain and a myriad of issues that could require a professional to fix.